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Fake Earn1k Testimonials?

I was on YouTube the other day and came across some testimonials from Ramit’s first season of Earn1k. The videos I found were from back in the winter of 2010. I think Ramit asked students do video reviews of Earn1k because YouTube is a great marketing platform. It is completely fine for a business to ask their customers to make a public review, just as long as it’s honest, but these seem made up to trick potential customers into believing the hype. Read more of this post


It’s Jessica’s Turn

Jessica – again like the other examples used a contact to get her first client. It so far appears that you need to network and have a warm lead in order to bait them and then you can use Earn1k techniques to land the sale, but this doesn’t cut it for me. I want to know how to land a first cold client. A brief summary about how warm leads are best to start with would help but Ramit never says you have to go through contacts first. Read more of this post

Michelle’s Case Study

Michelle – She used contacts to get more information about numerous things, which is good, but it doesn’t help us who don’t have the network she does.  Just like job hunting it comes down to your network, but Ramit never emphasizes this in the course. He doesn’t tell you how it’s basically who you know. You need to use your network to find your right client. In Earn1k, you are supposed to select your ideal client and only market to them. Do not try to sell to everyone Ramit says. Well, if these types of people are out of our network, what do we do? If it is a numbers game, how can you pitch to 100 people if you don’t have 100 leads? Read more of this post

Amanda’s Case Study

Amanda was a Columbia grad, made 175k in side income. Wow, I can make this type of money? Awesome, sign me up. Yes, a little bit of sarcasm, but I hate these examples of people making 4x the average income of my hometown, all while doing it on the side. Read more of this post