Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Earn1k Forums Do Not Exist

One thing that could help fill in the blanks the case studies didn’t cover was forums. Unfortunately, Ramit got rid of the forums he originally had because students were  spending too much time in the forums and not enough time taking action. I can see how this could happen as most people who are too afraid to a risk dwell on it and try to develop plans or consume all the information they can in order to feel properly prepared.

I would’ve liked to have a forum to ask a question or get advice on topics such as where Math tutors found was the best place to advertise, or more examples of bad customers and how to deal with them. Even though there are no Earn1k forums, you can still email Ramit if you have questions, but I find it’s best to get a detailed story like the examples I just listed.

There are a lot of students in Earn1k so the potential to learn from others like you is there, it’s just a shame that was taken away from the students. I did hear he has forums in the Beyond Earn1k program that I recently learned about so maybe this fits in with his upselling to students.


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