Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

My Overall Review of Earn1k’s Case Studies

I don’t think any of the case studies said how long it took them to do all of Earn1K. Amanda said it took about a year to get that one client, but she made it sound too easy. The people in the studies did have bumps in the road but nothing major. Where’s the case study on the person who has a hard time starting, but then gets that one small traction and then the next? Not these stories. They all said “I got a contact and was lucky enough to get into a magazine, and now I have a mass marketing program.” How come there isn’t a roadmap that shows when they got their  first client, how they got that client, when they started doing advertising, how many calls they made before the first sale, then the 2nd, and any other time frames? It would help us students out a lot to know what worked and what didn’t. It would’ve been great if Ramit showed how one tactic worked for a web designer but fails miserably for a writer.

It would be nice to have a step by step walkthrough for a specific freelance gig like designing websites so we can use it as a guide.

Am I asking too much out of this $1,000 course?


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