Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Michelle’s Case Study

Michelle – She used contacts to get more information about numerous things, which is good, but it doesn’t help us who don’t have the network she does.  Just like job hunting it comes down to your network, but Ramit never emphasizes this in the course. He doesn’t tell you how it’s basically who you know. You need to use your network to find your right client. In Earn1k, you are supposed to select your ideal client and only market to them. Do not try to sell to everyone Ramit says. Well, if these types of people are out of our network, what do we do? If it is a numbers game, how can you pitch to 100 people if you don’t have 100 leads?

Michelle does not have an average situation. She got featured into a magazine—not everyone is going to be getting into a magazine. If you get into Oprah’s book of the month…you’re set. You will have all the exposure you will need for the time being. In addition, she had a very good setup with her day job. By the way, what was her day job that she is able to take off time and do things for her freelancing? They didn’t mention this. Her full time job also paid for her to take classes. Again, not an average person’s situation.

Michelle’s story was filled with non-typical things like getting paid to take classes in skills that you will be using in your freelancing career, getting major exposure/free advertising, and other things that are not typical. Yes, you can write to magazines and papers offering expert advice and tips so they will put you in the magazine but 80% of freelancers will not get into the magazine. Ramit loves talking about his 80% rule so it would be nice if his case study examples followed that rule and featured the similar situations that 80% of his students live in.


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