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Amanda’s Case Study

Amanda was a Columbia grad, made 175k in side income. Wow, I can make this type of money? Awesome, sign me up. Yes, a little bit of sarcasm, but I hate these examples of people making 4x the average income of my hometown, all while doing it on the side.

Why do I not like this? Well, this makes her an outlier, as in most commercials Results not typical, you should not expect the same results. The % of people able to get into Columbia and make 175k on the side @ 26 years old is pretty low. She was already in a good job before Earn1k which let her transfer to a side job. I work at an hourly job that has a high school requirement  for qualifications. Her story was almost completely useless to me. I believe her first client signed up for a yearly contract and that’s how she made 100k that year. I don’t think this is a regular Joe type situation. I don’t have the 1 year immediate contract and ability to afford a team to delegate responsibilities. This is for people who are already established or set up with the proper network, and they have the resources to jump to full time freelance balance. The 100-10-1: prospect, lead, sale is a good portion but that’s sales and dating 101. Why aren’t there scripts written? The biggest gripe is Amanda made more than $100k a year since she was 25 and yet had trouble paying her mortgage? Apparently, she needed to take dave ramsey or ramit’s course on financing.

She goes on about how she had trouble making ends meat. Please, stop whining and leave your starbucks banter at home. You might be a nice person Amanda but you have a lot to learn about what it takes to feel like you aren’t making ends meat. A rich kid who can’t afford his BMW anymore isn’t without a car, they’re just out of luxury. Buy a Chevy and go home. Ramit treats her like she is normal person who has the same ups and downs as the rest of us so we should feel we have a lot in common with her. But she doesn’t give you specific details on how she performed certain tasks. Just how the heck did she launch a website 10 days before giving birth? This would be a great story to show how she delegated responsibility, dealt with preparation for birth, and managed time effectively. It could’ve been so good yet we just got it presented in a way that shows how it’s easy breezy to do two amazingly difficult things at the same time.


One response to “Amanda’s Case Study

  1. edelaineh August 9, 2014 at 5:08 am

    Great insight on the case study!

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