Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

The Case Studies Are Almost Useless

Ramit Sethi’s Earn1k is about learning from him, his business colleagues, and past students. Ramit loves to have testimonials and use students as examples in his course for numerous reasons. I was really glad he did it this way because I believe learning from others like you and those who are successful is a great way to learn.What I got in the Earn 1k course was just 4 mediocre Case Studies under the section Case Studies–one of only a handful of main sections on the homepage of the site.

There are over 100 statements of successful students on his testimonials page, but only 4 Case Studies like I mentioned. Why can’t he have at least 1% of students share their journey through Earn1k and how they progressed through freelancing? It would’ve been nice to have a web designer, a SEO expert, a dog walker, a writer, and many other types of freelancers tell specifically their strategies, ups and downs, what worked/didn’t work, what got them through the rough times and dealing with the ‘overnight’ success. We didn’t get that in his course. We got people just talking about a small snippet of their freelancing career like time management etc. This is OK, but what about the many details of all aspects of freelancing. I remember two of case studies had people who got their first client from a person they were already working with in some way. The main purpose, Ramit keeps saying, is to land that first customer, which is the hardest part so please, man, give us that section of the story the most!

Sethi says he spend thousands of dollars and has 5,000 data points of information to make his course very relevant to his students, yet he doesn’t even use himself as a case study! For some reason he does though on his IWTYBR blog. Module 1 Lesson 4 slide 13 is supposed to be a case study, but it is just a general example; it is no case study. Wikipedia has this for the definition of a case study:

Is an intensive analysis of an individual unit (e.g., a person, group, or event) stressing developmental factors in relation to context

Notice the power words ‘intensive and stressing’ used. It signifies a lot of energy and work. Slide 13 is a great example of how Ramit misses the mark on what a solid case study is. It’s missing actual real details and uses fake numbers. No names, no dates, nothing. He even says be precise at the top of that slide! Slide 27 he says he markets to people who value things—I value case studies and details so this is another reason why Earn1k was not a good fit for me.

Like I said before, he does have a good story about his own journey, but it was on his free blog– a separate website that costs nothing to obtain. What’s the deal Ramit?

I go through each of the 4 Case Studies and how I didn’t think they were all that great in my next post.


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