Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Missing Crucial Details

So far in my Earn 1k review, I’ve talked about how Ramit sold this course and the tactics used, and in case it comes off as overly negative, I just wanted to say a few things. This course costs a lot of money so it should be filled with very detailed information for every step it takes to start a freelance career. I got so much out of his I Will Teach You to Be Rich that I expected the same amount of step-by-step material. I didn’t feel this course warranted its very high price and the fact that Ramit is so very confident in the price just irks me. He says in the course to sell the sizzle not the steak when pitching your services, which he does very well, but I ordered a Filet Mignon and not a NY Strip.

OK, so now into doing and not preaching. Here are a few examples of what I think ruined my ‘steak.’ First, in Module 2 Lesson 4 he talks about finding leads; however he doesn’t actually give you a specific way to find them. Where are we supposed to look, the phonebook? advertise in a local paper? or advertise on TV (too expensive!)? He seems to focus mainly on cold calling people you have established to fit your ideal client profile or whom you’ve talked to previously during your market research. I know word of mouth is the best form of advertising, but c’mon give us something specific!

In Module 3 Lesson 4, he promotes Craigslist as a way to see what other people are offering in terms of services as well as using it to advertise our own services. Finally, a specific place to advertise…but Craigslist? His ICP for the class is people who optimize so I’m sure we have figured out the basic places to generate leads: phonebook, craigslist, local classifieds, and restaurant/community billboards. He fails to give us something we didn’t already know. He does go into how to use Craigslist so I have to give him that. The bad part is he says to search “SEO” in Craigslist to see how many other people are doing that service in your area. Laughably, I only had 12 in my entire county. I guess good for competition, but I know there are more than 12 out there offering this. By the way, Graphic Design only had One!


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