Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Week 4 – Getting Lost

I’m having some issues right now in moving forward with my progress. I have a couple of ideas I’m investigating to see if they are going to work out. Ramit has some nice tips on seeing if an idea is worth it to pursue. I went on vacation so I’m also a little behind on the videos and consuming information. I hope it doesn’t put me too far behind and slow down my momentum.

I’m also having a hard time organzing this course. A lot of the material is kind of spaced out. He has a vault with information to consume, the weekly lessons, case studies, and bonuses. The problem is right now I’m at the beginning phase and treading water so I’m searching around the site to find info. and like any other internet surfing you click on one thing and then another and so on until you are far away from your original starting point.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to maintain these blog posts as I like to do things and then go back and reflect on them. For this blog, I am writing each post as I go so I don’t feel my quality or structure of writing is top-notch. Sorry. Although, it is a great way for me to just sit back and write, letting the creative juices flow while I vent about how stuck I am.


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