Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Where’s My Idea?

I can’t find any ideas to start freelancing on. This is getting annoying since I thought I’d be able to think of something. The good news is that Ramit does have a bunch of articles on getting that one idea you can pursue. He also mentions that you  should validate an idea to make sure it is a viable business before you waste months on it and realize you will never make any money on it. I downloaded his 60 page guidebook to finding, choosing, and validating your one idea. The bad news is I’ve made it to the part where you must choose your one idea out of man, and I’m still not sure which one to pursue.

What’s holding me back? It may be fear, but its also experience and analysis of what I know I can do, what I am comfortable doing, and what I think will work. Well, since I am at a roadblock and feeling like there should be more out there on his site, I went back and checked out the Profitable Idea page and Ah Ha! found some more videos that go along with the 60 page guide. Hopefully these will help me get out of my rut while I relax and focus on choosing that one small but rewarding idea.


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