Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Week 3: New Steps

I’ve been very busy the past week so this time I’m watching the material about 5 days after it came out. I get an email from Ramit once a week about the new material being posted. He’s always including survey’s  since it gives him feedback to use. This week he talks more about your target market and who he markets his Earn1k course to. He knows a lot about his target market through the research he does and the feedback he gets in the surveys, and as he explains the more you know about your audience, the better you are at serving them, which leads to more $$$.

What I am liking about this course and other books I read like “What Color is Your Parachute” is that it has action steps to take. They are not just about lecturing but steps you can take that second. Ramit in Earn1k has you do a “straightjacket” session where you work or brainstorm for 5 minutes on something. I found a great timer called Orzeszek Timer. If you are reading this blog it’s because you are most likely interested in Sethi’s course and that means you probably are also a fan of Lifehacker. Ramit knows his audience reads blogs like Lifehacker and other blogs that he mentions. Lifehacker recommends him, and I have some trust in Lifehacker so that’s why his course didn’t seem like a scam to me. Anyway, back to the timer. It’s recommended by LH also so that’s where I found about it, and I use it during one of these straightjacket sessions.


3 responses to “Week 3: New Steps

  1. edelaineh August 9, 2014 at 4:10 am

    wow jason. I may be 2 years late on this but you write so well! i feel like you’re taking me on this journey through earn1k. i was really contemplating on buying the course but apparently it ended some time ago (scarcity of supply) but ramit is sending automated emails everyday for a week with free content. i think he will offer the course after a week so i will buy it. Im so lucky to have stumbled on your blog. And like you said, if i havent been doing my research then i deserve what im going to get.

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