Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Week 2: Taking Some Baby Steps

The second week is about keeping control. Ramit explains how everyone gets excited about their new venture and goes out and ends up wasting valuable time doing unnecessary stuff (ie setting up a Twitter account).

I started to get nervous after watching this week’s coursework because there didn’t seem to be a vast amount of information as he promised. I thought that maybe I missed an email so I went back and checked them. Nothing there. I then went to the website Earn1k.com and checked out the members only areas. This is where I found the Case Studies and an Idea Generator. This generator is great for me since I started the course without any valid freelancing idea to use to earn my first $1000.

I’m also reading his I Will Teach You to Be Rich. This book is really good, and I can see where he got his notoriety from. Luckily, I’ve already done most of the things in the book so I can skip to optimizing my financial growth instead of cutting costs and getting out of debt. Some of the methods of the book are also recommended by Dave Ramsey. For example, the Envelope Method is used by both but neither credits the other so I’m not sure who is the actual inventor of this method. What I do is I just go to the bank and withdraw the money I spend for the weekend and put it in my wallet. I also buy pretty much the same food each week and have similar unchanging expenses both monthly and weekly so I don’t worry about going over or under my budget for each expense. I can pretty much remember if I’m 5 under on groceries I can spend that 5 on fun or save it for gas the following week.

Also, the amount of information I’m trying to consume is getting a bit high with the book and Earn1k, as well as doing all the coursework, but I’m handling so far. I just make sure I am not reading the book and pretending like I’m being productive because his IWTYTBR book is not essential to earning my first $1000.


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