Earning $1k and Beyond

My progress of Ramit Sethi's Earn1k Course

Week 1: It Begins

So my first video of Earn1k is here, and it was what I expected. I was a little nervous at first because the course promised HD video and this wasn’t HD at all.  Maybe the next one will be HD. Short introduction and then jumps into the goal aspect of the course, how you can manage getting through it, and what you should expect from it. Basically, like the first day of class in school. That’s it so we’ll see what lesson 2 brings. The second one is HD! It’s not a huge deal it’s just nice to know that he’s not breaking promises right away.

This week comprised of two lessons so I watched both of them to keep my momentum. There was more introduction but now it’s time to get into things. Time to take action. Two great quotes I got from it were

“So if you can solve someone’s problem, you will always have a job, and oftentimes, a very high-paying job.” and “Every step you take should be getting you closer to what you are passionate about”

I’m going to take small steps and burn these ideas into my brain so if my first small venture doesn’t work out, I can move onto the next one right-away. Be flexible and move with momentum.


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